• Warriors

    the new serie 2015 4/3/15

    Hi there!

    I’m attending several projects! You will see soon the new stuff.  Right now I’m working on a new serie named “warriors” . These new illustrations are related to Bushido, the warrior way. Keeping close the animal kingdom, these new characters are not governed by et...

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  • New exhibition in Bilbao!

    22nd March 2014 13/3/14

    We are pleased to announce you that we will be in Bilbao on the 22nd of March showing Kabuki , As You Wish & some paintings of the new Haiku Serie, Cuandodavidllegoadurango Space. Kurutziaga 54, bajo. Durango, Vizcaya

     See you soon!


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    Group Art Exhibition 26/11/13

    I’m glad to announce my participation in the Collective Show “Make a Wish” with my paintings of the new serie “As you Wish”. I hope to see you there,  on Dec. 4th 2013 at 19h. in Mitte Gallery Barcelona.

    Don’t miss it!!!!

    See you soon!!



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  • Kabuki & Affair Exhibition

    Double Exhibition by Honey and Jud at Coespai Girona 14/5/13

    Kabuki emerged in the early XVII century, is in Japan today an active remnant in a bygone era, reflecting this tradition, codes and values that govern Japanese society. Honey uses the codes and symbols to represent some of the kabuki companies in its golden age, translating the art of interpretation...

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  • BIRDS Exhibition

    IguapopShop Born, Barcelona 16/12/12

    Became the Inusual Relation of Dystopias and Soul.

    In Birds there’s a change from the last “Dystopias”, an evolution in her animal theme.

    The pureness, the lack of prejudices and the faith in intuition leads the animal kingdom as a first character in her paintings.

    In Birds we ca...

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